Everyone has a unique and personal story worth sharing, but often we fall into spaces that don't value our voice. The Educationalist Method works with creative minds on furthering the illustration of story in imaginative and innovative ways by building safe spaces during the explorative phase of learning. Invite us into your creative adventure and watch your beautiful lyrics, melodies, and harmonies come to life!


The philosophy and approach of an Educationalist is that students are the center of the work that we do and we use all the pieces of the metaphorical turntable to limit any vibrations or sounds that will disrupt the learning process.

Educationalists are skilled and crafted. We don’t just show up to the classroom and start playing bangers. And we most certainly do not take requests and perform on the fly. We understand that without a set unit plan, critical lens, cultural literacy, respect for youth culture, collaborative relationships with veteran teachers, scaffolded lessons with rigorous tasks that lead to mastery, and Hip Hop based education, a set is doomed to fail.

Educationalist are Producers, Emcee’s, DJ’s, Street Artists, Performers, and Explorers of Knowledge and Consciousness. The turntable is the instrument we use to bring our students talents, abilities, skills, and imagination to life in a concrete and real way.


 Revitalized Pedagogy

Implementing Hip-Hop Based Education into the classroom to inspire and empower young people to be critical thinkers. 

Refreshed Storytelling

Unlocking the hidden stories from within as we enter unexplored territories in our imaginative minds. 

Revolutionary Methods

Learning techniques and strategies that enrich the creative process and keep you motivated and disciplined. 

"Mannikka’s professionalism, passion and energy are second to none, and as I look forward to continuing our work together, I highly recommend her to any other school, district, or family who is looking to help their child be inspired, grow, and passionate about their learning."

-Sean McNeil, Superintendent

"When Mannikka’s spoken word team created an evening event for our community, the space was full and the town was treated to an experience right out of an open mic night in the city. We were so proud of our students, and so eager to share their success with everyone."

-Kristina Nash, PTA President

"Project Write Now is grateful to partner with Mannikka Rosa and have her lead teachers and students in expressing their authentic voices. Mannikka’s passion for hip hop education is contagious, and her generous spirit and compassionate methods bring out the best in every child."

-Jennifer Chauhan, Co-founder and Executive Director, Project Write Now


My Calling & My Purpose

In 2007, clad in my cap and gown, I celebrated the acquisition of my Criminology degree from THE Ohio State University. As a child, I was an avid follower of Law and Order, captivated by forensic science. However, taking a course in African-American studies was a turning point that shifted my focus entirely. It brought to light the paltry representation of black educators throughout my formative years, highlighting the importance of representation for all students. True learning flourishes in safe spaces with wise mentors.

Over fifteen years ago, I commenced my teaching journey with a somewhat tenuous grasp on classroom management and an insatiable thirst for control. However, valuable lessons were learned along the way. My attempts at maintaining authority resulted in emotional barriers being erected by my students. It was the counsel of a mentor that saved me: observe my students outside of class and observe how they communicate with each other. It was soon then after I spent time observing the lives of my students that I began to incorporate their culture, music, and style into my teaching--which resulted in more fulfilling and enriched learning experiences.

My students taught me the value of empowerment over compliance. Expression over memorization. And community over individualism. At The Educationalist Method, our goal is to cultivate inclusive and empowering learning spaces, where students can flourish and thrive. We are here to guide young minds through every facet of their journey with curiosity and vulnerability.



Mannikka Rosa is a certified Administrator and K-12 Special Education and Social Studies teacher. She is also a Professor at Monmouth University where she teaches Classroom Management and Instructional Methods. As an educator she has built and redesigned leadership programs, community service programs, and Professional Development for New Teaching Staff. She currently lives in the N.J. suburbs with her husband, 3 children, and their dog Dash. She enjoys writing poetry, watching dysfunctional characters on reality t.v. and riding her bike during her free time.